“Ecological, economic and social issues are closely linked and must be dealt with in a comprehensive manner. Our development model must evolve so that humanity continues to benefit from the environment on which it depends.
Preserving and sharing are the key words for a renewed vision of prosperity and a redefinition of progress which place as primary criteria the well-being and development of all men as well as respect for life in all its forms.

We must, as of now, initiate the ecological transition in order to move towards new models of society with the objective of preserving the commons (climate, biodiversity, functioning of ecosystems, fresh water, etc.) and sharing natural resources fairly. to ensure that all basic needs are met. These societies must be founded on a new democratic and economic framework integrating long-term challenges and placed at the service of human beings and biodiversity. It is about striving for more humane and sustainable societies. "


The Foundation»s decisions, behaviors and actions are guided by the following values:


Faced with the complexity of the issue, we know that the solutions lie in the production of ideas and innovative means.

The Dialogue

Because we cannot act alone, we place listening, respect, exchange, cooperation and proposals at the heart of our actions.

The Sobriety

In a world where species and natural resources are becoming scarce, where inequalities are widening, we want to distinguish the essential from the superfluous.


Because the destinies of each citizen are interdependent, we have a duty to work for the preservation of the whole of life, today and forever.


We are committed to making all information about the Foundation accessible to all.
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