The Coast

The Importance

Coastal areas are inhabited by more than 30% of the Haitian population and represent 70% of the marine biodiversity necessary for life. With the addition of tourists, professional fishermen, biologists, vacationers and amateur sailors, this area, the theater of opposing interests, is considerably weakened by negligence carried by the authorities concerned in the Republic.

Our Actions

he objective of the AlbertBazile Foundation is to take charge of and promote understanding of the coastline in order to ensure protection and to establish effective and useful management of coastal areas that will allow success, so it involves several fronts:

  1. Encouragement of participatory science by allowing citizens to get involved in the environment. Collect useful information for scientists or help raise awareness of environmental protection through sanitation by everyone in the community willingly wearing.
  2. Interdisciplinary encouragement by including the human and social sciences in the study of the management of living resources, and lead more distant communities to progress.

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