According to a source of research carried out by experts in our community, the environment is the key to better health.

Environmental health, according to scientific study, includes aspects of human health, including quality of life, which are determined by the physical, chemical, biological, social, psychosocial and aesthetic factors of our environment. It also concerns the policy and practices for the management, absorption, control and prevention of environmental factors liable to affect the health of present and future generations.

Also, acting on environmental factors makes it possible to prevent, preserve and improve the state of health of the population by improving the quality of water, air, soil, by protecting themselves from noise, both outside and inside. The enclosed spaces that are buildings, by improving the quality of indoor air and by fighting against unsanitary conditions, exposure to lead or asbestos fibers.

The Abertbazile foundation, in charge of health, will develop the policy for managing water-related risks (recreational water, tap water, spring and mineral water, thermal water) and will participate in the food safety policy.

The AlbertBazile foundation will continue to be subject to health risk assessment, adapted regulations or health recommendations.

In all these environments, it will be a question of ensuring the prevention of health risks associated with exposure to various physical, chemical and biological agents omnipresent in our environment and our food.

The executive health commission has the role of developing rules, standards, recommendations and informing the public as well as health professionals; the agents of this commission ensure, as for them, the health surveillance and control of the environments. In the field of environment-related health, the Abertbazile foundation, responsible for health, draws on expertise mainly for the epidemiological and bio-surveillance aspects, as well as for risk management assistance. The AlbertBazile foundation contributes to promoting behaviors and environments favorable to health.

The «health and environment» domain is at the heart of national and international intersectoral challenges.

Heath Prevention

Data relating to the age group of childhood unfortunately indicates that the majority of children in Haiti are not in good health. However, some children remain affected by somatic or psychological ailments and disorders which can more or less seriously affect their health in the short, medium or long term. In the area of child health, the action of the executive committee of the Albertbazile foundation consists of implementing measures to promote the physical and mental health of children, preventive interventions and care. This action is based on several levers: reducing risk factors, promoting protective factors and improving the conditions for caring for children. Finally, inequalities in children’s access to prevention and care remain a major concern of public authorities.

The Executive Committee responsible for Health is based on scientifically validated recommendations to implement policies for the prevention or early detection of these conditions.

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