Environmental Education

The Importance

Children are the citizens of the future. To become fully responsible participants for their environment, they must be given the keys to understanding the living world around them. Knowledge and learning will lead to a greater respect for nature in all its diversity.

Our Actions

In Port-au-Prince, the AlbertBazile Foundation will co-found an entertainment and training park, a unique concept in Haiti, which houses a park and a botanical garden – a place of observation and biodiversity – as well as the School of the Arts for Nature and Man.

​- A center for environmental education dedicated to understanding and respecting biodiversity. Day after day, the entire center will reflect an approach based on sustainable development and increased ecological awareness:

Environmental education, school trips, training programs, seminars, differentiated environmental management, eco-responsible purchasing, fair trade, catering. Organic, green housing, waste sorting, exemplary water management (wastewater stabilization ponds), energy savings, etc.

The Park will receive the certification of work carried out of all the potions to which it is defined in the budget, specially developed for the world of social, economic, cultural and environmental tourism.

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