The purpose of the foundation is the realization of a general non-profit interest creating to carry out works using the assets assigned to it. The creation of this foundation aims to serve collective interests with a spirit of patriotism and for the benefit of incremental projects.


Creation and execution of national and international projects, targeting the most vulnerable community as a whole to promote a future as a better life for all, and assistance to the organizational project program of all layers without distinction.

The Albertbazile Foundation supports efforts in all areas to build a better community at the national level.

Help to make the most of the will to promote the common good, and health support to build hospitals and community schools, assistance to demine children.

​Each of us has the capacity to contribute to the good of all. This conviction has been the driving force of the AlbertBazile Foundation since its inception. On a daily basis, we encourage and support the desire to make a difference, by channeling this desire to help in useful and effective actions to build a better and more just society.

​As the first popular network, the AlbertBazile Foundation brings together donors, collaborating foundations, volunteers and actors in the field, wherever they are. To each of them, we provide the support they need to make their activities as effective as possible. And this applies to all areas of public good: assistance to vulnerable people, medical research, environment, culture, education…

Use of two complementary operating modes

On the one hand, we are developing our own action programs, in order to allow donors to direct efforts towards the specific area or areas of their choice.

​On the other hand, we also contribute to the programs of others, by sharing with them our multifaceted expertise, essential for certain organizations or business foundations, and by providing them with personalized support: expert advice, methodological backup, financing, implementation networking, sharing best practices…

Cultivate specialized know-how so that the desire to contribute can be channeled into the most useful and sustainable actions.

Expertise on all issues of society

In all areas of public interest – whether social solidarity, health, the environment, medical research, employment or culture – we rely on the voluntary assistance of the best experts. Seen from a collegial and multidisciplinary angle, each subject can be evaluated in all its dimensions and without preconceived ideas in order to find the most effective means of action.

Working at the right level, up close.

The AbertBazile foundation founded on September 16, 2016. It operates as close to the ground, in Haiti as abroad. We count on the actors on the ground who are the most effective and who have close local ties. We favor projects that encourage the involvement of stakeholders, whose participation is one measure of the effectiveness of the actions that concern them.

Act at the right pace: for emergencies, to test innovative solutions, to stay the course.

The Albert Bazile Foundation for Development knows how to react quickly in an emergency, it always makes a long-term commitment. Making a lasting difference, proposing sustainable and

structural solutions actually takes time. To test new ideas, to experiment with new ways of doing things, to run the risks associated with innovation.

Continuous sharing of experiences

Over 4 years of existence, the AlbertBazile Foundation has accumulated an incomparable wealth of experience. Through meetings, workshops and training sessions, we foster an ecosystem that facilitates the exchange and pooling of capacities in order to strengthen the commitment of each participant and improve the efficiency of each of them.

The ones that can be measured. And those measured so beyond the numbers.

We see individuals, not problems. We are inspired by passion and compassion for the well-being of people. Our methods are based on logic, motivated by rigor, results, problems and results. Our innovation means trying new things, learning from our mistakes and constantly refining our approach. Our strategies help us define our path to community success, but our effectiveness is based on the global power of our initiatives to influence holistic and climate change.

We seek to drive change on a global scale.

Our focus on economic empowerment opens up the possibility at the individual and community level. Our work in community health saves lives and helps families and communities thrive, today and tomorrow. Our education efforts help ensure that people have the tools they need to fulfill the promise in their own lives.

We are impatient optimists.

​The issues we seek to solve are complex and require the coordination and focus of many leaders, governments, communities and individuals across the country. Our work is difficult, but we know we can do it. We cannot succeed alone, but together we can work for a community where everyone can prosper.

​We focus on the areas where the need is greatest, the ways in which we can do the most good.

From poverty to health and education, our fields of intervention offer the possibility of considerably improving the quality of life for thousands of people. So we build partnerships that bring together resources, expertise and vision, working with the best organizations to identify problems, find answers and drive change.

Where we work

Our work depends on beneficiaries from Haiti and partners across other countries who have expertise on the ground, a deep understanding of the issues that interest us and strong ties to the communities in which we want to make a difference. . At the same time, we have learned the value of having representatives from foundations based in key regions – to help us build relationships with partner organizations and others, to better understand the political environment and to remain culturally sensitive.

In addition to our Carrefour head office, we have a New York office specifically for connected cut.

The foundation’s office in Carrefour, leads our public relations efforts in the Caribbean region and includes communications and legal staff. It also forms the basis of programs focused on the east of Port-au-Prince.

​Our team, based in the central office, supports the foundation’s policy, advocacy and communication activities in Haiti. The team works with beneficiaries and partners, builds and maintains support from donors around the world and encourages political engagement in Haiti to advance national health and development goals. The team works with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities to support the region’s growing role as a development partner.

We are investing in efforts across Haiti to improve health and help small farmers lift themselves out of poverty and oversee our initiatives in that country.

​A special team oversees the work of the foundation, which includes partnerships with non-governmental organizations and the private sector.

We started our work 4 years ago with an HIV prevention initiative. Since then, our work has expanded to include a wide range of programs in the areas of health, agricultural development, sanitation and financial services.

​The growing role as a development partner for the rest of the world, and helps the Haitian community to respond to national health and development priorities, including tobacco control, tuberculosis, HIV and

support for the charitable sector.

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